Make your event stand out


$25,000 Hole in One Challenge

Don't PAY for Insurance ... let us buy the Insurance

so you can attract more players and

 make some added money for your Charity


BETTER THAN A CAR we will split the $25,000 ...  

$12,500 to the Player and $12,500 for Your Charity!

So far, we've Paid $60,000 in Hole in One Prizes 


1-2-3 Long Drive Challenge

We also offer a Great 1-2-3 Long Drive Challenge that will make money for your Charity.

No need to buy Long Drive Prizes ...

we provide the Long Drive Prizes and MORE!



We turn what were traditionally expenses into

Revenue Producing Events 

... at no cost to your event.

Instead, we offer No Risk Profit ... 

Straight to your Bottom Line

We've paid out $350,000+ to our Charities

PLUS, the Opportunity to have a Player 

WIN $12,500 for Your Charity.

Here's What We Offer

$25,000 Hole in One Challenge

 We're Veteran Owned/Operated and have been in the Golf Business for more than 25 years. 

 In the past EIGHT years, 

we have worked with 1,200+ Charity Events like YOURS and paid $350,000+ to their Charities


We offer a $25,000 Hole-In-One  

-- should any Player enter our event and make a hole in one 

on our assigned hole, 

$12,500 will be paid to the Player and $12,500 will be paid 

to your Charity   

 We've Paid Out $35,000 in 2019 and $60,000 in our History!

Every other Hole In One event  costs you money ... ours makes you money

1-2-3 Long Drive Challenge

We can  also offer our 1-2-3 Driving Challenge with $100 in Gift Certificates for the Long Drive winners -- $50 for the Man and $50 for the Woman or Senior

We supply the prizes you normally have to buy for Long Drive winners  

And, we buy them from the Pro Shop of your Host Golf Course   

 They will appreciate the $100 added business.  

Our Goal is to be a Win-Win-Win

for your Event

Added Revenue at No Cost to you 

... that's our Mission.

Added Revenue at No Cost for your Charity

We supply everything needed to properly represent your Charity ... on average 85%+ of players will donate for the Hole in One 

and/or 1-2-3 Driving Challenge. 

AND, we pay for all insurance and costs and, when all is done, 

we donate a minimum of 25%

of the proceeds of the 

Hole in One Challenge

 and 30% the 1-2-3 Challenge

 to your Charity -- this goes straight to your bottom line.

Just contact us and we will make either, or both events happen 


to your event

Pure Bottom Line Dollars!

How Hole in One Challenge
Works For You

We Pay for the Insurance

to provide the Hole in One

average cost from $250-$400

     We not only buy the Insurance,                  we offer your Players a chance to win $12,500 and they will also win 

$12,500 for YOUR CHARITY

        All you need to do is assign a            170+ Yard Par 3 for our Event

We set up and do the rest 

We ask for $10 for the chance to win

AND, if every player in a group donates, they go to the Green and Putt from a short distance 

for a birdie

There will NEVER be a backup 

on our hole.  

 Any Hole-in-One made by a 

Challenge Player wins $12,500 and 

$12,500 for your Charity.


We have a Qualified golf-involved person come to your event to present the Challenges 

... we do it all!   


 Let us help you make the MOST

of your event and provide a 

Special Hole in One Challenge

 to help you add excitement ... 

and ADD players to your event

How 1-2-3 Challenge Adds to Your Event

Instead of buying Long Drive Prizes 

on a Par 5 we offer our unique

 1-2-3 Driving Challenge


Three competitions ... ALL IN ONE ... 

Long Drive for the Day

 Best Drive within each Group and

a Special Bonus Hole in One.

We will buy a Gift Certificate 

for BOTH your Male and Female

 (or Senior) Long Driver .... 

from the Pro Shop of the 

Hosting Course


Whoever hits the BEST TEE SHOT within each group will earn 

a sleeve of Golf Balls

AND, as a Bonus, if every player 

in a group donates, they will move up to the 100-Yard mark and 

hit their FIRST SHOT on the Par 5 

If they make a Hole in One

from the 100-Yard marker, 

they will win a Great piece of

Golf Memorabilia.

Maybe most important to your event, they will make a 1, 2 or 3

on the Par 5

 and we always SPEED PLAY.   

Pure Bottom Line DOLLARS For Your Charity

We have Helped 1200+ Events 


over the past EIGHT YEARS and raised $350,000+ for their Charities

 We have paid $60,000

 in Hole in One Prizes 

In 2019. we paid winners at

Pretty in Pink at MacGregor Downs and Community Foundation

 at Ayden CC.  

Prior to 2019, Fairmont Chamber 

at Fairmont CC and the

 Walthour-Moss Foundation 

at Mid Pines have also received nice 

Hole in One $$$ Donations.  

Even when there isn't a Winner,

we have contributed $350,000+

to events LIKE YOURS 

at virtually every golf course in NC

More references are available


We would welcome the opportunity to help your event

in 2020

    Cal Rogers    


I look forward to working with you to MAXIMIZE REVENUE 


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Charity Golf America

Veteran Owned and Operated in our 9th Year

Cal Rogers (910) 233-5313